My Weirdest Interview Experience ever

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Okay, I have been to many job interviews so far, some successful and some not so much but today’s interview that I attended for takes the cake for being weirdest if not stupidest interview I have ever attended. Here is how it goes. There were two interviewers in the panel. Note:* This was supposed to be a technical interview. Me:…

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Angry Professor – Python Problem

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A Discrete Mathematics professor has a class of N students. Frustrated with their lack of discipline, he decides to cancel class if fewer than K students are present when class starts. Given the arrival time of each student, determine if the class is canceled. Input Format The first line of input contains T, the number of test cases. Each test…

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Triangle Quest in Python – Solution

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I came across a programming puzzle in which we are given a positive integer N (0 < N< 10). we need to print a palindromic triangle of size N. For example if N = 5 then the expected output is [dt_code]1 121 12321 1234321 123454321[/dt_code] Below is my solution written in python: **Note that the above code is written for…

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