My name is Naveen Jetty. I’m a graduate student at Indiana University Bloomington studying Computer Science, having previously worked for NetCracker Technologies for 4 years on Java and IBM i as a Senior Software Engineer, Development.

I started my career in 2011 when I completed by Under Graduation from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University – Anantapur with First Class.

After 4 years of looking at the green screen(the name, IBM i is fondly known), I have decided to pursue the masters in computer science to learn what I can about Artificial Intelligence, thus began my journey from India to Indiana.

My area of expertise though wsa limited to the telecommunication sector, I have since been able to cope to the student life again. I specialise in IBM i specific languages such as RPGLE, RPG-Free, SQLRPGLE, CLP and DB2/400 a database which is an integral part of the IBM i. Also I have been worked on java and its integration with the green screen mostly as a front end. My work has always been returned with a positive feedback from the clients whose expecations were high. I am also the first person to be promoted to the role of Senior Software Engineer out of all the people who joined along with as trainees.

After coming to the Indiana University, I have started doing Android Development as part of the project for one of my subjects “Software Engineering” and have come to thoroughly enjoy working on it. Also having taken the Big Data course under Prof. Geofrey Fox, I am now more knowledgable on the latest buzzword Big Data than I have been just a couple of months ago.

I love the logic and structure of coding and always strive to write elegant and efficient code. When I am not coding, you can find me either reading or blogging or playing outdoor games and hanging out with friends. In addition I am also interested in photography though an amateur myself, I like macro shots of nature more than anything.

Currently I am looking for a summer 2016 internship. I’m always open to exciting job opportunities, you can find my Resume here.

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My Interests

I love coding, I love playing around with new features of various development languages and am open for exciting challenges that can help further my knowledge and understandings in the intricacies of the art that is coding.

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Blogging, I have always been eager to share my thoughts and blogging is the best way I could find to do so. This site here is the gateway to my thoughts and emotions and pretty much what ever I have to say, you can find it here.

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“A Good Book is a Good Friend”, a saying that I really agree to. Books are the ways to get lost in the world of fantasy, a favorite task of mine. I tend to read books of genre fantasy, mystery and thriller genre. Give me a good book any day and you can be my friend. 🙂

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