How India Suffered in the hands of English

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I have found this video while I was surfing through, As an Indian, I have studied the history, the many sacrifices of our people, how we are enjoying the fruits of their labor to get our independence but when I saw this video, I now know that what I know is nothing. I am really proud to be an Indian. After so much suffering, after so many losses, we are coming back hard, now we are one of the largest economies in India and still growing to be a super power in the eastern hemisphere. I really had to give it you Mr. Shashi Tharoor sir, that was one helluva speech.

This video was a debate held by Oxford Union on the topic “This house believes Britain owes reparations to her former colonies”. A debate which Mr. Shashi Tharoor’s side won with 185 to 56 votes.


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