Okay, I have been to many job interviews so far, some successful and some not so much but today’s interview that I attended for takes the cake for being weirdest if not stupidest interview I have ever attended. Here is how it goes. There were two interviewers in the panel. Note:* This was supposed to be a technical interview.

Me: Good Morning!
I1 & I2: Good Morning!

I1: You are in your first semester?
Me: No, This is my second semester, I came here to IU in last August.

I1: Okay good, What subjects did you take?
Me: List of subjects, One of which is Advanced Operating System

I2: Okay what OS did you work for your projects in AOS?
Me: Xinu mounted on a Beagle Black Bone

I1: How did you like it?
Me: I got to learn a lot about how an operating system is build and how we can create a new system commands and some other interesting stuff. So I liked it very much.

I2: Didn’t you had it for your undergraduate?
Me: Yes but it’s been almost 6 years since I had the subject in my undergraduate and I really learned more than what I expected from the course.

I1: Okay, You worked for the same company for four year before you came for your masters, what is the reason for leaving?
Me: I wanted to have some real world industry experience before I came for my masters. My company had a contract for 3 years and so I came here after completing the contract.

I2: What did you do when you are at your old company?
Me: I used to be a Software developer in a product based company. We develop so and so features… We use so and so technologies. (Java is a part of my answer)

I1: Okay, what language do you like the most?
Me: I like python, I feel really comfortable in it.

I2: What Operating System do you prefer to work with?
Me: Windows but I am pretty comfortable with Linux.

I1: Which is your favorite IDE?
Me: PyCharm

I1: Okay, do you have any questions that you want us to answer?
Me: When can I expect a result for this interview?
I1: We will let you know as soon as possible.
Me: Okay, thank you. Is there any thing else that you want to know about me?

I2: No, We are done then, It is a pleasure meeting you.
Me: Thank you. Have a great day.

2 hours after this interview I get a mail stating that they were looking for developer in Java and there are not many projects in python, as such, unfortunately I am being considered for further rounds of interview to this position. I mean, what the heck? There wasn’t single question to test my technical skills in Java. They didn’t even bother to ask me a single technical question whatsoever. They have simply decided that since I like python, I can’t code in Java.

It wouldn’t sting this much had I performed poorly and got the rejection. I didn’t get a chance to perform. These past few weeks are so down for me, its as though if anything that can go wrong in my life, usually does. Waiting for the good times ahead.


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