Finally the break that I wanted

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The last couple of months have been crazy, I was constantly busy and couldn’t find time to explore anything other than to research for my project and then the finals but today, I am done with that madness and am glad to be finally relieved of the busy schedule for at least the next couple of weeks. And to add the icing of good news on top of that, one of the three subjects that I was doing this semester, the final grades were out and I am pleased to be in the position that I am in right now. Especially, since it’s been more than 4 years since I left my student life to be a professional and then returned to being a student again. Not to mention the ADHD feeling that I was experiencing during the initial transition to being a student from an corporate employee.

Since this site crashes, no thanks to the stupid update of WordPress, I am going to rebuild this site with my projects and am currently working on the about me page that would suit my ideas. I admit that it is a work in progress. There is so much that I can write about myself yet all that seems to be trivial to be shared on the internet. So you see, it is a bit of a challenge even to write about one’s own self. Especially when you want to convey who you are, not by your actions but by your words to the world that know nothing about you. Yes, a hard task indeed.

I am kinda nervous on the results of the other two subjects and hope that the end grade is not too shabby to be disclosed without being embarrassed. So here’s to me for taking a risk and enjoying the journey and never losing hope for a better future.

Peace Out….!!!


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